50th Ayah from Surah Adh Dhariyat

فَفِرُّوٓاْ إِلَى ٱللَّهِۖ إِنِّي لَكُم مِّنۡهُ نَذِيرٞ مُّبِينٞ ٥٠
Fafirrū 'Ilá Al-Lahi  ۖ  'Innī Lakum Minhu Nadhīrun Mubīnun

Sahih International

So flee to Allah . Indeed, I am to you from Him a clear warner.

Abdul Haleem

[So, say to them, Prophet], ‘Quickly, turn to God- I am sent by Him to give you clear warning-

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

So flee to Allah (from His Torment to His Mercy Islamic Monotheism), verily, I (Muhammad SAW) am a plain warner to you from Him.

Taqi Usmani

So, flee to Allah. Indeed I am a plain warner sent by Him for you.


Therefor flee unto Allah; lo! I am a plain warner unto you from him.


Hasten ye then (at once) to Allah: I am from Him a Warner to you, clear and open!

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