89th Ayah from Surah Al Waqi'ah

فَرَوۡحٞ وَرَيۡحَانٞ وَجَنَّتُ نَعِيمٖ ٨٩
Farawĥun Wa Rayĥānun Wa Jannatu Na`īmin

Sahih International

Then [for him is] rest and bounty and a garden of pleasure.

Abdul Haleem

he will have rest, ease, and a Garden of Bliss;

Mohsin Khan/Hilali

(There is for him) rest and provision, and a Garden of delights (Paradise).

Taqi Usmani

then (for him) there is comfort and fragrance and garden of bliss.


Then breath of life, and plenty, and a Garden of delight.


(There is for him) Rest and Satisfaction, and a Garden of Delights.

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